Sandwich panel room in Al Barsha, Dubai.

We recently made one room with attached kitchen and bathroom made up of Sandwich panel in Dubai. It was made specifically to accommodate driver or the maid working  for the villa owner. 

It was made in the backyard of the villa in Al Barsha, Dubai. 

Firstly we did lot of floor compaction to ensure that the floor is ready for 10- 15 centimeter concrete base. 

Floor compaction prior to concrete base in Dubai

Compacted floor base

After floor compaction we made area wet couple of time and then made a side bases with cement block to hold the concrete base from all sides. In general, we use 15 centimeter blocks for concrete works in Dubai. Below image was taken preparing concrete base in Dubai. 

Concrete base in Dubai.

Concrete base without reinforced steel in Dubai

After making the concrete base we installed ceramic tiles, supplied by the client. The tiles were in uneven sizes because, the client wanted to use all the stock tiles instead of getting new ones, which were left at the time of villa flooring work.

Ceramic tiles fixing in Dubai

Ceramic tiles fixing with black sand and cement

Once, we finished installing the tiles, we left it for couple of days to dry and be ready for metal framing for fixing sandwich panel walls and ceiling. 

To ensure, the temporary room does not fall in sand storm in Dubai, we used good quality square tube,  flat bars, angles, rectangular metal tube and suitable welding rods with proper nut and bolts, and self drilling screws. Below image will show you the metal structure for sandwich panel room.

Metal frame for sandwich panel in Dubai

Metal frame suitable for sandwich panel in Dubai.

The total cost for the sandwich panels rooms was around AED 35000.00 for the client, which encludes everything required to make a proper room. 

If you have such requirement, you call always call us at 050 628 0069 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you with professional service.